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How to Find an Olympia Medical Malpractice Advocate

A medical malpractice advocate can help you understand the legal and financial costs associated with a doctor or health care provider’s mistake. These include the cost of treatment, prescription drugs, lost income from time off work and the long-term effects of a medical error, such as chronic pain and disability. The lawyer you choose should be able to explain complicated legal and medical concepts in terms that you can understand and who will take the time to answer your questions. Look for client testimonials and ask for references to ensure that you’re working with a competent and reliable professional.

The Washington State Attorney Olympia medical malpractice advocate General’s Office has filed a lawsuit against Capital Medical Center in Olympia for allegedly withholding charity care from thousands of low-income patients. The lawsuit claims that the hospital aggressively demanded payment from patients without screening them for charity-care eligibility or informing them of the availability of charity care. Between 2012 and 2015, the hospital reportedly provided less than 0.37 percent of its revenue in charity care.

Physicians are often concerned about liability for medical malpractice and other tort claims against them. A lawsuit can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally taxing for both the physician and their family. However, there are steps that physicians can take to mitigate the risk of being sued and to protect their finances and careers.

This guide aims to give physicians context for the impact of a lawsuit so that they can react appropriately when a claim arises. It discusses the 3 phases of a legal claim: the presuit notice period, the life of the lawsuit and trial. It also explains how physicians can protect their assets, such as the proceeds of their malpractice insurance policies, during this process.

Medical malpractice cases can be complex and involve multiple parties, making it important to find a qualified attorney with experience in medical malpractice litigation. An experienced attorney will be familiar with the laws and regulations governing medical malpractice claims in your jurisdiction and will have established relationships with local attorneys, medical experts and hospitals. They will also be able to provide you with the support you need during this stressful time.

When selecting an Olympia medical malpractice lawyer, make sure to meet with them before hiring them. During the initial consultation, ask them to outline their approach to handling your case and if they have experience representing clients in similar circumstances. You should also consider their track record, how many years they have been practicing and how many similar cases they have handled.

The Torts Division is comprised of 43 attorneys and 88 professional staff located in Olympia, Tacoma, Spokane and Seattle. The division defends tort claims and lawsuits brought against all state agencies, officers and employees. Typical cases involve allegations of negligence in highway design, release of inmates, injuries on state property and medical malpractice. The Torts Division also provides advice on tort matters to the Department of Enterprise Services, Office of Risk Management and other state agencies.