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How To Get A Woman Hooked On You

woman totally hooked on her man

Unlocking the differences between the male and female brain can dramatically help you attract the opposite sex. If you want to know how to get a woman hooked on you, its’ vital to understand what women really want in a man and the steps you need to take to become the most desirable man possible.

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Alpha Male Characteristics

Subconsciously, women are looking for a mate. Consciously, they may not feel maternal. However, deep down, women are hardwired with the responsibility of ensuring the survival of the human species by giving birth.

Therefore, securing a mate who meets the Alpha male description as defined in part by and John Gray’s famous book “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus” is a priority. This means a woman will be most attracted to a man with some or all of the following features:

*Strength: Strong hands to build her things, a strong heart to endure life’s stresses together, a strong desire to succeed, and a strong body to carry her to safety for now and the rest of her life.

*Assertive And Decisive: She loves that you ask her where she wants to eat, but have something in mind or be flexible if she simply answers, “I don’t care, whatever you think.” Sometimes, women really don’t care; they know they will be happy with the atmosphere, food, entertainment, etc. because they are on a date with you.

They won’t have fun if you are all grouchy about the bouncer or the terrible service. The worst thing you can do is chastise her for her indecision and unhelpful response. Be a leader. Be decisive and pick a place.

*Kindness: Do you always buy Girl Scout Cookies or do you just do it when she’s around? Do you normally leave food and water out for the stray cats? The point is, don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. The charade won’t last for long.

Might as well let it all hang out right from the get-go and give her the full picture of who you REALLY are. And hopefully vice versa…remember, kindness between both parties is key in this vulnerable process.

*Confident Not Cocky: If you want to get a woman hooked on you, be confident, not cocky. No one likes hanging around with someone who goes out of their way to make others’ feel inferior or like they are not good enough on some level. Celebrate your successes and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow further; don’t put people down in the process.

*Helpful vs. Condescending: Pulling that stranger out of the snow bank is a helpful and sweet thing to do. Calling the driver an idiot in the process is not so great. By all means, share your opinions and be true to yourself; however, if couth has never been your strong point, undergo some self-reflection to create a better version of you.

*Muscular/Toned/In Shape: Do you have the ability to carry her unconscious body out of a flaming building or do you have the capacity to fight off the potential murderous intruder? Subconsciously, she is sizing you up and deciding if she and your future offspring will be safe if “all hell breaks loose”.

*Tolerance: Everyone has their own opinions and steadfast views. We all make mistakes and everyone has shortcomings. Such is life.

Being understanding and compassionate is a much better alternative to arguing with anyone who doesn’t share your personal view. Tolerance and patience are key traits to understanding yourself and being open to opinions reflecting the opposite of your own beliefs.

*Personal Space: Have Some: Indulging in your own time is imperative to one’s personal health. Avoid being together 24/7. Reserve some time for the boys and get back into nature as often as possible.

Maintaining personal interests is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Respect personal space and don’t take it personal when you don’t get invited out.

*Clean Is Sexy: Women adore a clean, fresh, amazing hunk of a man. Remember to swish with mouthwash and keep up your flossing routine as well. Kissable mouths are highly desirable, as are kissable belly buttons–but that is a whole different article.

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