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Phone Chargers For Cars and Other Vehicles

Always be prepared whenever you go on the move with your portable phone chargers or back-up battery. Connecting up anytime you need to text, surf on the internet and even talk on the phone for longer is now possible with portable devices. You no longer have to take your regular batteries along when you travel.

With the arrival of new portable devices that support data transfers via Bluetooth or USB, you can now carry several portable devices with you without any difficulty. These devices use different types of batteries like the Avanti PEB battery (or AA battery for cell phones) and the Phillipsoline C-rate battery. These can charge up to 90 percent in an hour and provide power sufficient to run a small entertainment system and a few electronic appliances at home.

High capacity AC batteries can be bought online too. You can buy these directly from the manufacturer or have them customized. These can handle heavy duty duties and can also be used in high-powered RC toys. The best thing about these types of batteries is that they are long lasting and can withstand charging and discharging multiple times before they lose their power. These types of batteries can also be used for applications that require a constant amount of charge but do not need as much power in per minute such as trickle charging for electronic toys or cell phones. the portable item will have to be placed on a floor or table. DC batteries are also less stable when charging than AC batteries. The small battery life provided may not justify this trade off in many situations.

The fourth deciding factor is how fast a charging time needs to be. A DC charger can take from one to five hours to charge most batteries. An intelligent charger will allow users to maximize battery life time by adjusting the charging time based on the type of battery being used. For example, an old car that is only 20 years old would not need as much time as a newer model with more power and speed.

Phone chargers and other accessories can be found in most local retail stores. It is also available online at Amazon or eBay. Most high end battery cases and power banks will have chargers available as well. However, if you are looking for something specific, you might have better luck looking for them online.