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What Is The Best Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction?

If you happen to be one of the 30 million American men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, then you likely have just one question: “How do I fix it?” It’s a question with no simple answer.

The fact is, a number of factors can contribute to the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. So one pill, one herb, or one extract may not provide the immediate cure-all you’re looking for.

If you’re one of a growing number of people who tend to distrust big pharmaceutical medications, the options are limited, and can be hit or miss. Even though more scientific research on natural remedies for ED has been conducted in the last 10 years than the preceding 100, a lot of scientific work still needs to be completed before we can call any natural remedy for ED 100% effective. With that being said, there is one specific ED Protocol diet which has made great strides in this arena.

So what is the best natural cure for erectile dysfunction?  Well, that remains open for debate, but there are a number of contenders that may work for you.

With that in mind, let’s take a brief look at some of the best natural remedies for ED available today.

1. Yohimbe

Yohimbe is one contender for the title of best natural cure for erectile dysfunction. What is yohimbe, you ask?

Yohimbe is a bark extract that comes from the yohimbe tree, which is native to Central Africa. The product is widely available now in most health food stores across the nation, and can be purchased for a relatively moderate cost.

Yohimbe helps the circulatory system and increases blood flow throughout the body. In this way, yohimbe assists men in getting and keeping erections.

The National Institutes for Health states yohimbe may be effective for treating ED, but further studies are needed. One thing to keep in mind is yohimbe comes with certain known side effects like increased blood pressure and an increased chance of heart palpitations, so it should not be taken without first consulting a doctor.

2. Arginine

L-arginine, often simply referred to as Arginine, is an amino acid that increases the body’s production of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels in the penis, thus facilitating erections. The Mayo Clinic suggests taking Arginine in low doses is generally safe and may combat the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

3. Pomegranate Juice

Could the best natural cure for erectile dysfunction be pomegranate juice?

Although there’s no conclusive proof that a glass of pomegranate juice per day will fight erectile dysfunction, a study published in 2007 indicates the juice can have a net positive effect on ED sufferers.

Pomegranate juice is known for its ability to decrease your risk of heart disease and to lower your blood pressure, and this has been conclusively demonstrated. And although the hard evidence is scant, there is plenty of anecdotal testimony which indicates pomegranate juice may be a viable treatment option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.