When it comes to seducing women, guys constantly look for a magic bullet: that one special technique or phrase that will turn a girl on and leave her begging for the chance to come back to their place and hop into bed. The fact is, there are a number of different tactics you can employ to get a woman sexually excited and “in the mood” fast.

Some men take the ethically dubious route of getting a woman drunk to get her into bed. We don’t believe in that, and it’s really not necessary because there are many different subtle techniques and conversation starters any man can use to lead her mind into the bedroom. Where her mind goes, her body will follow.

Men and women approach sex differently, of course. For men, it’s aggressive and very often off-putting. But women tend to respond to subtlety and nuance, which is what you’ll have to make use of if you’re looking to plant sexual thoughts in her head.

So let’s talk about the quickest way to turn a woman on. Don’t want to read? Watch this video instead.

1. Talk About Sex

Yeah. This should be a no-brainer. But you’ll want to be careful when employing this particular technique, because it’s easy to come on way too strongly and send a woman running for the hills.

What I mean when I tell you to talk about sex is that you should indirectly inject the topic into conversation. This is the quickest way to turn a woman on.

For example, you could talk about other people near you in the bar and remark on their probable ability in the bedroom. This is not only lighthearted, it’s a conversation that will immediately appeal to her and she can easily join in. Make jokes that have a slightly (but not overly) sexual undertone. The point here is to get her thinking and talking about the subject with you to prime her mind, so to speak.

2. Touch Her

Okay, pump the brakes. I mean make physical contact. Lightly touch her hands, or rest your hand on her arm or shoulder. Gently brush her hair away from her face. This is a big one, and it’s one that girls really enjoy using on guys, too.

If you’re comfortable enough with one another, a light kiss on the cheek would go a long way to getting her thinking about going a long way with you. Make it clear to her that you’re comfortable with your body on hers, and that you’re looking to take the evening in that direction. It’s surprisingly effective, and simple.

3. Be Intelligent

You don’t have to be the next Einstein (in fact, it’s helpful if you’re not), but women love intelligence in men. The vast majority of women, when asked what they first notice about guys, will respond with some combination of “eyes” and “intelligence”.

So steer the conversation in the direction of things that you know about. And try to maintain eye contact with her while you do it. Don’t come off as a know-it-all, but don’t try to hide what you know, either.

Be humble about your knowledge, but be confident at the same time. Intelligence has always been and will always be sexy.